Monday, August 3, 2009

Make Up (Illustrated by Maxy)

Call me vain
Call me superficial
And it's only a little true
I just might be all of those things
I just might not be any of those things
But haven't you ever tired of seeing
the same person in the mirror every single day?

Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who is the fairest of them all?
At the vanity table with tubes and containers
At my beck and call, who's to say that I'm not
The wicked sorceress herself?

But I do so tire of being the same person every day
I don't listen to the same music everyday
I don't read the same books everyday
Why should I wear the same face everyday?
Today I'll be the Enchantress
Tomorrow I'll be Snow White

People say I'm insecure
The make up is a mask
And I hide behind it
They point and whisper
How scandalous I must look
And they don't know that I'm only
A child coloring a blank page
Full of colors like they once did
I decide this line goes here
That squiggle goes there

I don't want to be someone else
I don't want to be anyone, but me
But I do so tire of looking the same way
Everyday…Don't you?
The dreary drudgery of it all
The grey in the mundane
Doesn't it ever get to you?

I'm not vain
I'm not superficial
I might be
Just a little
But haven't you ever tired
Of seeing the same person
in the mirror every single day?
Haven't you ever woken up
and decided not to be her

Sometimes I need to draw a smile
With fire engine red lipstick
Tomorrow maybe I'll line my eyes
With ocean green
Another day maybe I'll be a rock star
With charcoal grey make up
And strut as if I own the stage
Monday I'll wear my purple glasses
And purse my plum-slicked lips in thought

It’s a woman's prerogative
To change her mind
After all…

Maybe I'm vain and superficial
Maybe all these colors I paint are a mask
Perhaps just today I want to hide
Maybe tomorrow I want to stand out
Who is to say who I really am anyway?

Call me whatever you want
Life is too short to waste
Caring what others think
Only I know that
Underneath it all
I'm still a child
Playing make-believe
dressing up like the characters
in a story book or a vogue magazine
whichever you choose

I'm not ready to put away my crayons yet

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