Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A supressed scream finally unleashed

Because of you I have been rendered mute
A vessel of suppressed screams
Burning alive, writhing and twisting in the fires
Of your everlasting hellish ways
Upon this earth, I have loathed my own existence
And I have you to blame for all my sorrows
You aren't human.
You are a disease, a parasite that feeds on trust
You were born hollow and you try to fill the void
I too saw the best in you at one time
I painted a halo around you
I wished you joy and everything I never thought to wish
For my own self..
I have struggled to break free of you
To let myself live and let you live
But I'm always dragged back to face the monster that is you
Underneath my skin, there are grooves left by your claws
I have scars shaped like your hand prints
They still throb tirelessly, an everlasting reminder
You still crawl over my veins and arteries
A creature eating away at the heart
That was once even great enough for you
Now once again, I quake and I shudder
Night after night, I simmer with unquenched rage
Only your humiliation and pain will silence me
I stand over your shoulder glaring at you
With all the vile hate I have for you
And I wait for you to fail
On the path to redemption
I wait for you to fall
In the bottomless pit where no one will ever catch you
I wait for you to bleed
I wait for you to hurt
And I pray you eternal unrest
Sleepless nights with foul beings
And even ranker breaths whispering in your ear
Telling you over and over how worthless you are
How undeserving and deranged you are
And I pray for vultures that peck at your eye balls
While your still alive and gasping promises of being a better person

Don't look over your shoulder
In my bloodshot eyes, you'll see who you really are
Don't think I don't see you quaking in your boots
You've always been a weak spineless coward
And so you shall remain for the rest of your miserable life

Look at me now
I dare you
See who you really are


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