Sunday, November 14, 2010

A lone page

A lone page

full of frantic scribblings

rampant desires

farfetched fantasies

Hopeless upon hopeful wishes

fluttering aimlessly

belonging to countless books

yet fitting into none.

I keep slipping

falling underfoot

beneath a careless tread

crumpled creased

folded unfolded

returned between the pages

of random books

to chafe at my surroundings

confined, imprisoned

Yet I can stretch the miles

reach across distances with

my own words,

my silly ramblings

my simple complicated


Greatness is almost within

my not quite stumbling

fumbling reach

Failure is much closer

scraping at my skin



and I still flutter aimlessly

for a book that will have me

A place to belong


until the elusive "more'

that I know is out there

finds me or i find it

whichever comes first.

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