Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My muse

After all this time,
You still reside
Within my thoughts.
You live on within me, inside me,
In my beating heart,
In my heartfelt sighs,
But most of all within my lonely tears.

I go on without you
Sometimes it's more than I can bear
But I forget you for awhile
I do my best to smile
Until you crash back into me
You rush through my bloodstream
Flow through me and pour on to these pages,
Like ink from the most fervent heart's blood.

Kindness maybe found in cruelty.
Fate can be merciful
You are and have been my muse,
Not mine, not anymore
But as close as it can get

You are the errant bittersweet slice of hope that comes with inspiration.
In a world, filled with hate and betrayal, you are the promise of love.
You are mine, in all the ways that count, and you live on forever
In each and everyone of my words.


Dazzling Mage said...

Love. It. The last line is especially nice and chilling.

aqoona said...

Last lines show so much love as the rest of the poem. Enjoy it. Bye.