Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Red Balloon

Written July 13/2010- Special thanks to Maha Al Dhaheri for the illustration


With your light fingers and careful black marker

You drew happy smiles on my face

Bandaged the holes in my soul

And filled me up with your breath

When I was empty and cold

And I floated in the wind

Higher and higher

More giddy than battered

Bobbing against the clouds

Carefree and you can barely

Even see the scars from where

You stand, looking up at me

Willing me to go even further

Even as you hold tight

Not willing to let go

And in your gaze, I'm magic

Everything you love about childhood

And oh so much more

I'm so afraid

That without you

I'll just be another balloon

Nothing special

Nothing sacred

Just a silly thing bobbing in the air

Not knowing where to go

and neither I willing to go

Maybe I'm not meant for the heavens

Maybe I'm not meant to be far from you

But nothing is ever the way we want

The string slipped through your fingers

And I roamed the vast sky brave and alone

But in the breeze, I heard the steady sound

Of your breathing…

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Kitten said...

Creative concept and good choice of imagery here.. You continue to amaze.