Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Remember when..

Dedicated to Rorafication because a lot of this poem is inspired by Robert Francis's Eighteen.


Remember when you promised to hold me tight
Beneath the moonlight
While waves rolled lazily beneath us
I laughed at your clich├ęs
Till you said I was purer than foam lacing the waves
And my breath caught in my throat at the sincerity

Do you remember how young we were?
Eighteen and pretending we knew love
When neither of us comprehended
Intoxicated and giddy at holding hands
Sobbing at the helpless tragedy of it all

Neither of us really knew life
And I broke your heart
With the carelessness of children
Not really meaning to
I've always been too restless
But sort of wanting to
Maybe I've always been a little cruel

I've always repented
Tainted and tarnished
I don't polish as well
My gleam's half gone
My regrets are endless
And my yesterdays are full of you
And tomorrow no one ever knows

But I broke your heart
And mine has never been all
that whole to begin with

1 comment:

Kitten said...

The last stanza says it all, this was deep and simple. I love your simplicity, makes it more enjoyable for us the readers.