Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Kyoto is a very popular place to visit because it has so many historical landmarks and temples to visit. My sister moomoo insisted that we go there because she wanted to experience the history. There were was some sort of civil war there and it was the capital of Japan at one point because the emperor resided there.

We got off the train and were greeted by a huge bakery lined with cakes. In case, I probably haven't mentioned it yet, butthe best cakes and pastries in the world are in Japan. (Wait! That is not including my cousin Sas's Very Berry Strawberry cheesecake and Mayoola's chocolate marshmallow cupcakes. Those are just too heavenly to describe and I can't get enough of them.*drools*) Kyoto is very quiet and subdued compared to Tokyo. Its hasn't progressed as much. Their shops are under a canopy like our own old Souks and stuff. The only difference is the Starbucks and the Cinema. The only English movie that was playing was Disney's Rattatoie. Everything else was in Japanese. We walked around exploring. Once we knew our way around, my sisters and I were always going off exploring shops. Sometimes we would take our younger brothers to nearby Wendy's. I haven't seen a Wendy's in AGES! 3abood made a face at it, but once I got him chicken nuggets he didn't complain.

We visited The Kyoto Mangha Museam and the Kyoto Movie studios. My sisters were in heaven over the amount of Mangha comics and I found them each sitting in a corner with a comic. Every once in a while I would come and poke them or make the camera flash in their faces because they were just too funny. A lot of Japanese adults and children were sitting in separate corners with their manghas too. If you're not as passionate as they are, you look almost alien walking around. I just looked out for my brothers, found a place where they could sit and paint pokemons, and kept them occupied while my sisters salivated over their good fortunes.

The Kyoto Movie studio was a lot of fun. We explored the houses of the Ninja and the Samurai and took lots of pictures. We even took pictures dressed up in Japanese garb. My brother 7amood was a solemn Samurai. 3abdulla was a very cherubic ninja with his chubby cheeks. I was a Japanese princess, in red, of course lol. There was a Samurai sword fight which 3abood kept jumping up and down in excitement over. "Thish ishh sooooooo Cooooooool!!!" he kept screaming.

It’s a shame that we didn't stay more than 3 days in each city we visited. It would have been much more interesting if we stayed longer. Kyoto was our favorite city. We found a bookstore to spend hours agonizing over which books to buy and a Starbucks to stop and read our newly purchased books in.

Anywayz that's enough travel ramblings for today

Stay tuned for my next update: The Kiyomizu temple, one of the most famous temples in Japan. It deserves its own post because I have so many beautiful pictures and lots to talk about that I couldn't squeeze into this blog.


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