Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wideeeh Halooohh

I'm not updating at much as I should be. I'm always running around like a chicken with her head cut off, trying to juggle my studies, along with my social life, my cousin life, everything…

We had a talent week last week. We sold crafts, used books, assorted accessories, and all sorts of home made baking and food. It was a lot of fun. I found out that I am the pushiest salesman ever. I had a turn selling the books and it was fun. Some of my friends made fun, but it was okay. I enjoyed it, and all the money goes out to benefit us anyway since we're raising them for our own activities and trips later.

I love the girls from my English Major. They are the nicest, sweetest, most helpful girls you could ever meet. I enjoy spending time with them. I'm always hanging out in the common room, just listening to the chatter or being the loudest. It's nice to have such a place to turn to. I feel like when it comes to studies, I have support. I like helping out and explaining things. Its not my goal to become a teacher, but I realized that I like it when the blank stare in someone's eyes flashes into a comprehension because I guided them through it.

I like the girls I have met from the Enviromental Health Major and I miss a specific friend in Nursing.

I'm supposed to present a poem in class for middle eastern and explain it to the class. I'm doing The Poet by Gibran Khalil Gibran. It’s a little long and I will probably get a lot of moans for choosing something like that, but I clicked with the poem.

I am a stranger to my family and friends. I meet one of them; in my heart I say: Who is this? How have I come to know him? What law brings us together? Why am I seeking to be close to him, and why am I keeping him company?

I am stranger to myself. I hear my tongue speak. But my ears find that voice strange. I may see my hidden self laughing, crying, defiant, frightened, and thus does my being enamored of my being and thus my soul begs my soul for explanation. But I remain unknown, hidden, shrouded in fog, veiled in silence.

Oh yeah, I finished the last season of One Tree Hill and would it be completely wrong to say that I find a lot of its themes Shakespearean? Maybe that’s the English lit major in me speaking. I loved LOVED every single episode. I'm sorry it's over. I also love the theme that people can change. People can become better people. They can overcome the worst of themselves and turn into the best of themselves.

This update goes out to my cousin Kooshi who complained that I haven't been updating. I was pounding at an essay and I got stuck so I thought if I wrote this the words would get unstuck.

If I don't update, I'm probably working on my four position papers for my middle Eastern Class and agonizing over how am I going to pass this course. Or maybe I'm reading Hamlet and preparing for my next exam in Shakespeare or trying to figure out what can I do to gain more marks in this class. I wanna do something based on this quote "Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow…It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing" But until now I have no idea. What do you write about the worthlessness of life?

Mayoola: *Gives you all of her heart and keeps it with you* You know all I want to say to you. You know all that you are to me and all that I am to you. Have faith. Have courage.

S@S: *Sings to you* You know u can't keep a good woman down!! *howling*

Wildy: Inshalla mbay'6a il waih w keeping your head high. Missing you is a haunting ache that never goes away, but the pride I have for you is always overflowing.

Love you all

This rambler is signing out



B!G said...

you've been missed :)

Shahoodeh said...

Wallah?? Lol this place feels desserted....

yalla ma3alaih inshalla I'll update more... said...

Chacheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh! wayde 3ajab:P