Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Innocence Lost

I tremble before the white page before me
And the pen before me begs my hold
And I stand frightened of what they ask from me
This pen of mine craves the taste of blood
And once upon a time I would never have
Hesitated to let it feed from my heart’s blood
Gleefully plunging it into the depths of my heart
And spilling it on pristine white pages, tainting them
Like a rogue taints his sheets with virgin blood
I taint these papers with my wayward feelings
My childish hopes, and my magnified fears
I fill them with stories of that angel with the lost eyes
Shrouded under his dark feathers, begging protection from
This cruel world…and for this angel, unrequited love
Became the long never-ending yellow brick road to foolishness
I never thought of myself as being innocent or particularly pure
In this unfair world, I’m just another jaded sinner
Too old for this world and too tired of living just to breath
another morning and yet another long night.
Yet it was innocence that wrote all my poems
But it was this world that showed me how
Even angels’ tears are a lie and that they betray
And even a whore can become a child sobbing
Over yet another broken heart and another broken dream


The Gray said...

nicely written.
liked it.

Shahoodeh said...

Thank you...twaqa3t more critisism :P

The Gray said...
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The Gray said...

yeah.. well, u know when u try to sharpen your pen and ready to go ballistic on someone, then u read a line that really touches u.. and holds u back from whatever evil your pen is trying to conjur.. I guess it was a moment like that..

Shahoodeh said...

You either must be getting soft in your old age so that pen must not be so sharp :p

Or I've reached a certain level of word wizardry that is capable of touching you...(at looong laaast) My eagle poet beak must have grown out or something

Both ideas are extremely entertaining to me :P

The Gray said...

glad it was that amusing to u..!!

and don't worry, u r not getting any better, it's me getting older.. :P

The Gray said...

and btw, what u r writing are merely proses or random thoughts.. not structured poems.. it require to challenge the idea behind it, not like in poems.. that's why i didn't unleashed hell on u.. ;)

Shahoodeh said...

Admit admit it :P my writing brings out the sentimental in you