Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Forever's curse

Forever's curse is that it's an uneven road to uncertainty
Friends are often foes and everyone betrays
Everyone waits for the other to fall first
And love and loyalty are only temporary
virtues that exist to fulfill a need.
In this dreary world, only darkness and violence reign
above kindness and human compassion.
and human beings are ghost ships sailing the lonely seas
seeking solace and redemption and never finding it.
Everyone bleeds by the side of the road and yet no one
sees, no one stays, and we're all deaf, dumb, and blind
to each other's tortured existence, even though we
pretend to actually give a damn.
Forever's curse is that its an uneven road to uncertainty
Friends exist in the unlikeliest of places
Like blossoms that unfurl under blankets of snow
And sometimes when one stumbles,
there's actually a helping hand…
And even the most hardened cynic can find
The icicles in her heart thawing
And words flutter to this poet's pen
To be painted upon paper
And its you who finds in all my grotesque images
Those three little words I refuse to say…
You're the light to my immortal darkness
And even though everything happens for a reason
Forever's cruelty lies in the fact that its denied
To you and me…Forever's curse is my burden to bear


The Gray said...

forever is scary.. at times.. when we let doubt sneak in to our souls.. luckily, we have two things: the ability to forget, and the fact that death is certain..

nicely written.. again.. ;)

Shahoodeh said...

Now now you must not be up to your usual critisism level...surely there must be something to critisize :P It can't be that nicely written.

Think hard. I'm sure you can find something to complain about.

lol Just kidding.

The Gray said...

i think the pink color of ur blog distract me a bit.. i guess i need new critique glasses..!