Monday, March 22, 2010

license to adulthood

I welcome tomorrow
Dreading and praying for it
The street light flickers
The birds sing while everyone is tucked away
I'm standing here watching the early morning yawn
Street cars lazily passing me by
I'm caught between night and dawn
Adulthood and something less
Destination unknown
The road seems endless
And every single car seems to know
Where it's going
Why am I here?
Why are they there?
I dodge the questions that seem so big
Life seems too big for me to know my place in it
What if time ran out?
What if I don't know?
Does anybody know?
Does anybody know what they want to be when they grow up?
Am I the only one who stutters her dreams?

I welcome tomorrow
Praying for it and dreading it
Watching street cars more sure than I
Driving along to their designated destinations
While mine remains unknown
License to Adulthood?
Not yet...


Fatima Zu. said...

Indeed. We didnt get to know out destination yet!
Perfecto Dear..

Shahoodeh said...

Thank you sweetness

Shahoodeh said...
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