Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mementos of you

Mementos of you
Bittersweet treasures
I horde like a magpie

Memories of you
Bittersweet moments
Photographs of the past

I'm nostalgic
And I yearn
Achingly long for you

The simplicity of your love
The steadiness of your unwavering friendship

I neither want nor need you now
Beloved as you were before

But I yearn for those moments
I long for the you I knew
And sometimes it just aches

Just sometimes,
You understand

It's only sometimes when I remember
how your heart contained all of me

My scattered wildness,
seething rage,
sobbing sorrow,
And all my idiosyncrasies.

It's only then that my yearning
Turns into desolate despair

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