Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Upside Down

The Moon frowns
The Sun weeps
Darkness swallows every ray of light
Happy daggers find their sheathes
In the small of an already burdened back
Night becomes day
And day becomes night
My reflection in the glass
Upside down
Light where there's dark
Dark where there's light
Smiles where there are frowns
Frowns where there are smiles
Masks upon masks
Paint my reflection
Cover it with make up
Conceal it
Blemished and disfigured
Crying when it's trying
Trying when it should be crying
Sanctuary becomes hell
And hell has no arms open for the lost
Dreams disfigured, disguised
Dead at my feet like fallen stars
And how many dreams can fail
Before you realize you have none?
How many words can I write
Before everyone realizes that I have none?
Just how many times can I forgive you before you realize
That I have no absolution left to offer?
Just how many times can I hate you before I remember to love you?
How many times can I love you before I remember that I loath you
Absolutely completely and horribly
I hate you
I love you
I hate you and it's tediously insane
Insanely tedious
And just how long before it's all over

How long until my reflection is no longer upside down?