Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I hate you!

Everyone asks why are we friends?

Why I like you, let alone love you?

And it's been so long that

I've forgotten what redeeming qualities you have...

I know their there somewhere

Else, why am I still here?

Why have I withstood

The endless battles?

I tell myself you’re my sister

And sisters fight sometimes

That’s its okay but I hate you!

And God knows someone

Has to stand up to your foolishness.

There has to be one person who utterly

Refuses to dance to your tune.

I hate you! Truly! Simply!

I hate how you come

Marveling over advice someone

Else gave you over this or that

Never mind, that I told you the same thing

A thousand times over.

I hate how you can hear anything from

Anyone else and take it as a holy word

Meanwhile I'm just being mean.

I hate how You never apologize

Even when you're wrong

I hate how you make yourself

The bleeding martyr of every Argument, every fight.

I hate how I end up tainted, painted,

Tarred with the feathers of a bully

And you, always you escape untainted

Victimized, and oh so hurt.

I hate how you make everything I say

about You...

I hate how you're clueless

I hate how you paint your own Judgments over everything

And yet you can do no wrong

Can you?

Everyone's wrong. You're right.

There's no room for anyone else.

I hate you force your opinions

Down my throat

I hate your possessiveness

I hate your complaints

I hate how you want to be

The center of my world

I hate how you call me crying

Even after I've sworn up and down

That I will never ever speak to you

For as long as I live

And oh god oh god oh god

I utterly despise how you pull me

Back in and the heart of mine

That can't do anything but relent.

I hate how the moment I step aside,

I feel your hands
Wrapped around my throat
Suffocating me, choking me

You're salt poured in my wounds
A noose around my throat
Shackles on my arms

And I've cried for you
Because of you
Always you
More than anyone
On this earth has ever made me cry

You break me and don't know how To put me back together

You tear open my wounds You rip me apart

You shatter my heart over And over..

You're the ultimate dysfunctional Friendship...

Sometimes I wonder if the world is even big enough for the both of us...

Oh but wait

Here's what I love.

I love how you always say

That I don't know who my true friends are

Especially when your concerned about them

Taking your place.

I love how you say I don't know who to trust

Just because I don't trust you

And honestly, do you truly blame me

If I prefer anyone else's company over yours?

I Hate you!
Truly Simply
But most of all I hate that you are you and I am me...

I hate that at the end of the day I love you truly simply unconditionally

Even if it kills me

And then

Just when I've forgotten

When I've almost forgiven

You do

It all over


It ends now.


AbdulAziz Mohammed said...

lol alot of hatred out here :D

slow down ^_^ don't take things personally to a live a happier life

Shahoodeh said...

Sometimes I need to vent. Writing saves me more times than i can count.

Its love with hatred. The worst kind lol.

Thanks for commenting