Thursday, October 28, 2010

Transparent Butterfly

An outline drawn in chalk

Sometimes grey,

Mostly transparent

Every color I've ever been

Has bled and seeped out

On to the ground

Life has soaked up my

Goldens, Browns, Magentas,

Purples, Azures, and reds

Everything I was saturated with

is inevitably dying and fading.

I used to be your good mornings,

Your good nights, the smiles, the laughter,

Tears, fights, and arguments in between.

I have become the I'm sorry

Please, May I? Guess what?

Politeness and small talk have

Never been this cruel.

Bereft of you yet inexplicably burdened

By this heart that will not cease beating for you

In this world that spins faster than I can catch up

I'm a butterfly hopelessly pinned to a wall


AbdulAziz Mohammed said...

I don't know what exactly happened but I guess I can predict!

great how u describe events using words ;)

Shahoodeh said...

Thanks for commenting