Sunday, December 12, 2010

Little Girl

A broken glass
Shattered on the floor
My face reflected in a million pieces
Weariness etched in all of them

Your voice, your abuse
Echoes in the open caverns of my soul
The little girl inside me curled up in a ball
Raped, bleeding, and pale with death.

I'm withdrawing my world from yours
Shutting the door on the echoes of your diseased soul
Silencing the echoes of your cruelty

You refuse to let me go, even when you're gone
And I wish I could leave grooves upon your spirit,
the same way you left mine in tatters

I have some imperfections
Flaws, and even sins
You have your own
But between us
I've always been more honest.

It's just like your kind to try and tear me down
To kick me when I was down
It's just like you to twist a knife in a wound
that was already bleeding…
The wound you didn't even have the guts to open up yourself.

The little girl has angel wings
And though she's soiled and tainted
by the blackness of your forked tongue
She will soar above you…
While you stumble on the path to the redemption
You will never be worthy off.


Dazzling Mage said...

Amazing poem. Heartfelt throughout, but I love that the last stanza ends with a hope and a grim (what seems to me) promise.

AbdulAziz Mohammed said...

Loved the poem especially the last part :) good work Shahd