Sunday, May 6, 2012

The promise of melancholy

I breathe in mornings full of promise

Half formed dreams and drowsiness

Prayers whispered, heartfelt pleas

The melancholy within me

Rises up to drown me

Rip my fragile soul

Full of love and loss

Tattered and thread bare

I breathe in afternoons of dreariness

I laugh louder and clearer

I talk to fill up the silence

I whisper prayers

Keeping it all at bay

The melancholy swallows me

That infernal abyss

The misery that burns through

My veins, tightening my skin around me

I would crawl out of my being

Demented and deprived

I breathe in cool evenings

Feel its breath against my tears

I want more than I can bear to hold

I hold more than I can bear to keep

Stitched into silence and compliance

The melancholy whistles through me

Ice ripping through my being

I pray

I whisper

I sob

For this weak

Fragile heart

The strength

Of its love

Never ceases

To break me

And I do still

Want you



And past all time and cure

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