Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stairways to my dreams

This was a poem I read at Untitled Chapter's first event The Reading. It's also published on Untitled Chapter's website

I climb stairways in search of my dreams

On and on, the bannisters sway

Polished wood gleams

My lumbering steps, heavy

Clumsy as I plunge endlessly

When I haven’t even begun to climb

Glass slippers shatter

Shards piercing my skin

I bleed upon the marble floor

Your reflection, shivers

Within crimson mirrors

I fall asleep upon raven’s feathers

Burrowing into the darkness

Craving the warmth of your fire

My soul searching for yours

A hopeless kiss upon iced lips

And life breathed into me

I hold on to nothing

I hold on to everything

All my fairy tales

All my hopes

My heart barely begins

To feel full

Before it’s empty again

And, you, my desperate desire,

My incandescent weakness

Will you ever know how much of my strength

Hangs upon your selfless heart?

All my dreams

And you,

my love,

are lost



Utterly beyond my reach

Dissipating into the morning light

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