Sunday, June 24, 2012

I carry Earth Quakes inside me

Breathe against my heart
That familiar warmth
That mends…

Kiss me once and drift away
Far into the wind
Until yearning becomes me

You breathe against my heart
A little while, a suspended moment
And my heart no longer breaks
It quakes so hard it rips me asunder

How many times must I tell you how fragile I am?

Brush against me
A teasing breeze
Freezing my blood
The loss that never leaves
My blue pouts and the whispered confusion
That I will never show you

I carry Earth Quakes inside me
Tornadoes skipping through the void
Howling hard enough to remind me
That only I remain
With only my arms to hold me in place

Alone with my shivering grief
The sandstorms in my heart
The volatility of my own nature

But breathe against my heart
Break me imperceptibly
With that same familiar warmth


loner chic said...

The title is so powerful and I just love the imagery you have expressed here. It's different than your old stuff but it's

loner chic said...

And* it's not like the stuff you have shown me in the past year. All in all it's awesome and I love it

Kitten said...

Powerful, I really loved it.