Sunday, July 15, 2012

Remember me...

Remember me when my image starts to fade
When memories become hazy and half remembered

Remember the tears we soaked one another
But most of all remember the laughter

I would keep you if I could
I would hold you to me
For longer than even forever can begin
To comprehend

I wish I could bid you to forget me awhile
And only think upon me with a smile
But my love has always been the selfish kind
Possessive and all encompassing

I would inhale all of your breaths
Let you lose yourself upon my kisses
Suffocate you with sweetness
And dig my nails into you desperately

I would inhale all of your breaths
And cling to you with my last one.
Can you breathe without me?
Must you leave? Must you

Sadness and joy mingled into sorrowful goodbyes
A last bittersweet kiss tasting of tears and you

As the horizons too are kissed
By the setting sun
Light a candle for me
And I hope you remember me at my best

Remember how I loved new beginnings,
New years, Birthday wishes,
And you, always you

Because I will,
And I still
Can't quite


Kitten said...

I studied Rememer by Christina Rossetti back at school, I could see what aspects inspired you, especially this part; "I wish I could bid you to forget me awhile,
And only think upon me with a smile"

Consider me your biggest fan.

Shahoodeh said...

Thanks love. <3 Ur comments always make my words feel heard somehow

Anonymous said...

Your writings touched me on so many levels. I'm speechless... I can't believe we have such a talented girl in the Arab world , you should be famous coz u truly have a talent, I loved the way your words come to life.