Sunday, June 10, 2007

A poet emerging from the ashes...

My first poem in over a year....Its rough and not very polished..But its something. I don't know what happens to me when I stop writing. It feels like I lose a part of my self. I didn't think I would ever write again. Guess I thought the silence inside me was doomed to last...but now I hear the rushing of the words inside me begging to be set free...and truth be told...I feel alive again...I'm falling in love again...with life...with poetry..with words..with crisis of faith has passed...and I am whole again....
Thank you Sas and Wildy for believing that the words will come again, even when I didnt.

Breathe me in
Enfold me, Embrace me
Child that I am
Take all of me
I give my heart unto you
My love knows no bounds
My spirit unflagging
See me as I am
Know me


I am Forsaken
Set adrift among the waves
Reaching out to swallow me
And yet I stay afloat
I refuse to surrender
Bruised and battered
But still,
I choose life
With all its inconsistencies
Endless struggles and skirmishes


I am the mistress of words, and yet tonight my words have forsaken me as well…
Like you, they have turned their back on me and find me unworthy
And here I am painstakingly trying to mesh stubborn words into a form that would best explain the despair that I am continuously brought to.
My words are my diary, a mark of courage and yet my own sufferings are tedious….weary so weary of wasting my passions…


My cowardice lies in my reluctance to face my shallowness
In my search for love, I have drained myself of love
My soul is tattered from the doubt that plagues me
And my heart, O heart sick unto death
From the ways of the world and people's false perceptions

Breathe me in…Let me intoxicate you
Surrender to me, child that you are
I'll enfold you, embrace you
Take all of you
Myriad of insecurities
Fears, hopes and dreams
Give me you
And I'll take all of you unto me

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Ozzylogic said...

Love? What's that? Oh it :D