Monday, December 6, 2010

To Um3awas with Love

Brush strokes give me hope
As I trail them across the canvas
Every time I dab a little bit more
Sketch a little here, color a little there

I turn you upside down
Focusing on the nuances of your visage
My fragile heart is wrapped with you
Bandaged, protected

Dream you may be
But you’re the one who keeps me
From bleeding on the floor

Draw in your lips
Oh my heart how you flutter?!
But oh I'm so tempted to kiss you
Figment of my imagination or not
Today, tomorrow
I've gone and fallen in love with you

The mundane details escape me
The Details of You Haunt me

Every day
I draw you
A little more
Erase a little
Add a smudge

Mostly I pray
That you are on your way

1 comment:

AbdulAziz Mohammed said...

I feel like u really described Um3awas feeling, great post as usual