Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Put not your arms around me

Put not your arms around me
Pressed up against you,
I may not let go
Nor would I want to
I'm not strong enough
Not when its you
I sink into so deeply
Into the familiar sanctuary
In the simplicity of the breaths
You take, inhale, exhale, inhale again
Real, blessedly real, though you masquerade
As a dream, the vision of my haunted mind
I become the glass in a window pane
Capturing the fog, tracing patterns
Upon me into dew drop snow flakes

Put not your arms around me
You vanish into sunlight
Dissipating into the wind
Beloved by the elements
And I can not follow
Consumed by you
Wrapped up in you
Loud permanent
In my thoughts
I'm too tempted
To sink
To be
Forget me
Erase me
And let
The world
Be damned

Do not seek to hold me
The road is long
The miles are endless
And I must roam farther
Than your eyes can see
I need to be set free
Of all restraints, constraints
To go along my own journey
One step after another
I'll get there in time
Though I'm never sure
Where "there" exactly is
But it calls to me
Just as loudly as you do
And I'll meander along
To the call of destiny
To the call of the words
I long to grasp, the ones I must write
One firm step, then another
And in the shivering of the night
I'll yearn for the haven of your embrace.

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