Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Let Them

I'm far too weary to hide
Behind well-pressed clothes
And careful make-up
I'm beyond caring
And it has nothing to do
With pride

Its just common sense
And a whole lot of sadness

So let them see this face of mine
More real than it will ever be
The world of misery, the history of regret
All mapped out for everyone to see

Let them see the baggage under my eyes
Because lipstick will never draw on smiles
As well as you do.

Blush won't add colors to my cheeks
Because I've been robbed of everything worthwhile

I've been robbed of you
I'm staggered, braced for your absence
And the yawning gaping darkness within me
Swallowing all the best of me

And what do I care what anyone thinks?
What do I care what they say?
Let them conclude their cruel conclusions
Let them snicker savagely, speak sadistically
With their oppressive opinions
Just let them be

It was always you I listened to, anyway

My bones are too heavy now
My spirit is spent and my soul is wrenched
But I will mend

Just not now


But until then
I'll lay my head
Even more unmasked
With all the questions
Stark, brutal, that remain unasked
Wrapping me in comfortable despair


AbdulAziz Mohammed said...

Little bit sad but I loved it

Shahd said...

aww thank u