Monday, May 16, 2011

Too Beautiful

You sigh, heartfelt and weary
It's as if life is too heavy for you
To contemplate, fragile as you are
Like sensual butterfly wings

I'm always mesmerized by you
Your bluntness, your sweetness
The way you roll words around
Making them lush and intoxicating

You consume me.
Waking and sleeping
You consume me
Like a fire searing my soul
Leaving only you

Always you
And I stagger as words fail me
Nothing is ever enough

I'm bemused to silence around you
Memorizing your every trace
All that make you who you are
Because you are worth the wait
Worth the fight, worth everything!

My heart expanded to the very breadth
It can encompass with things I long to say
And still I stumble as words fail me

Mere poetry doesn't do you justice
And I, the poet, a hopeless fraud
Tongue-tied, clumsy in reverence

You are too beautiful for words.

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